WESTMEMBRANE® Waterproof Membrane

Westlake Huasu is the only company that can provide one-step service from PVC resin production to waterproof membrane manufacture in China. It has unique formula, advanced material processing technology and optimized inspection methods that insure the quality of waterproof membrane be controlled in every step of manufacturing. Westlake Huasu is also one of the few large-scale waterproof membrane manufacturing enterprises in China. With the international standard equipment of macromolecular membrane production line, it always complies with the global unitive quality standard since it went into production. Huasu can supply international first-class Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and Polyolefin (TPO) membrane. The main products include sun exposure type polyester reinforced PVC/TPO waterproof membrane, homogenous PVC/TPO waterproof membrane, and root resistant polyester reinforced PVC waterproof membrane. These products have successfully passed official root resistant test, green building material measurement and every test in National Building Materials Testing Center and gained certifications. The products can be widely applied to exposed roof, green roof, pedestrian walkway roof, basement and tunnel waterproof. Huasu, as a leader in Polyvinyl Chloride industry, is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of macromolecule membrane, which can also provide customer the all-around waterproof solution and strong technical support at the same time.