Huasu's Vision

Westlake Huasu’s employees, who come from home and abroad with different backgrounds, customs, culture, philosophy and values, form a special corporate culture. Harmonious personal relations are the foundation of a stable company. Based on its team spirit, Westlake Huasu is expecting to continue to grow with even greater momentum.

Westlake Huasu’s staff, with the goal of having excellent ideas and being determined in action, pursues the common value of perfectly combining personal development with company development.

Together with its customers, Westlake Huasu will create a bright future through its innovative work, practical attitude, and dedicated services.
After years of efforts, Westlake Huasu has made outstanding achievements and received considerable acclaim. With its customers and partners, the company will continue to write a new chapter for the future.

Faced with the restructuring and migration of global industries, Westlake Huasu will directly identify and rapidly respond to the needs of the end users through an operating or technical cooperation with distributors and processing companies in Europe and America, including its peers. Westlake Huasu will try to become a leader in the industry, and sustainably grow by developing a variety of products that satisfy the needs of its customers and by offering differentiated services to the automotive, building &construction, electrical and medical industries.