Safety Management

  1. All accidents can be prevented. The principle of “Four Intolerances” shall be adopted in the handling of accidents: intolerance of ambiguous root cause analysis, intolerance of not imposing cruel punishment on those responsible for the accidents, intolerance of insufficient work safety education among the staff, and intolerance of not implementing preventive measures for the accidents.
  2. The senior management who attaches great importance to work safety is fundamental to good safety management. The managers at different levels shall be accountable for the work safety within their areas of responsibility. The principle of “Five Behaviors for Both Production and Work Safety” shall be adopted—plan, arrangement, inspection, conclusion, and assessment—where production shall go together with safety works.
  3. All potential operational dangers can be controlled. Emergency plans for unexpected accidents shall be available.
  4. The employee’s compliance with the work safety rules is indispensable for his or her employment.
  5. The employees have to accept rigorous work safety trainings. One hundred percent of the staff shall take part in the trainings, including contractors and outsourced workers.
  6. Managers at all levels shall regularly inspect the safety facilities and systems. The principle of “Three Behaviors for Both the Project and Work Safety,” —designing, building and putting into use—where the technical measures and facilities concerned with labor, safety, and sanitation shall go with the project. The third-party safety compliance audit is also very important, and specialized institutions or safety workers from brother factories shall be invited to inspect the safety work, and to give advice for the improvement of the work.
  7. Potential dangerous conditions shall be rectified as soon as they are found. The principle of “Three Fixed”—Fixed Person, Fixed Time, and Fixed Measures—shall be adopted for the rectification.
  8. The external safety is as important as internal safety. The company shall communicate and coordinate with neighboring communities.
  9. Safety facilities are investment, which can only generate attractive returns when combined with good management measures.
  10. Direct involvement of the employees is the key to good safety management. All employees shall be responsible for the work safety of their company.