Current Situation of Huasu

The current products of Westlake Huasu, including a variety of film, PVC resin, PVC compound and waterproof membrane, not only enjoy great popularity domestically, but are sold in large quantities to North America and Southeast Asia. They can be applied to roof membrane, residential decoration, pool liners, inflatable products, automotive, stationery, insulation tapes, medical care, labels and graphics.

Within the PVC industry, there exists an intense competition and Westlake Huasu thus adopts guidelines to become the first-choice supplier for its customers. These guidelines includes that Westlake Huasu will provide customers with satisfactory products by using the latest process, which is low-cost, safe, and environment-friendly ethylene based PVC resin process. The company unites its staff and allows them to grow with the company to create the maximum economic and social benefits. Doing this, Westlake Huasu can truly become an outstanding industry performer.

The advanced processing and research equipment, such as the Brabender Plastograph, the IR300 auto oven, the QUV/Se and Q-Sun weathering testers, the CR300 colorimeter and the INSTRON tension tester, as well as the improved quality control system, will help to meet the customers’ quality requirement for its PVC resin and film products in a comprehensive way.

Learnt from Westlake, Westlake Huasu’s PVC resin production technology meets the requirement of cleaner production as it makes full and reasonable use of energy. This reduces to the level of impact to wastewater, waste gas and residues on the environment. The reliable and easy-to-operate equipment of world-famous brands are controlled by Japan Yokogawa’s distributed control system (DCS), which fits perfectly into the polymerization process and can produce different grades of PVC resin for injection molding, blow molding, calendering, and extrusion.